MKD Champfer tool for High Gloss Edges on Acrylic

MKD Champfer toolPart Code Group: 115
The Monocrystalline vacuum solid diamond chamfer tool is for finishing acrylic edges with a high gloss surface. This tool can be used only as a finisher and does high gloss champers on
acrylic blocks, sign boards and high gloss deburring.
The Edges are always stress free and glossy. The result deppends on the HF-Spindle for use in spindle up from 18.000 rpm.
Aplication Area:
High gloss champfering and deburring.
Recommended chip removal:
0,05 to 0,1 mm

Shank: 6 to 8 mm
Min cutting diameter 2,5 mm
Max. cutting diameter 8 mm
Knife lenght 8 mm
Total lenght 50 mm

Prices on request.

Other Knife lenghts and Diameters are possible. All tools are special built to order.

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