Flame Polisher 2,4

flame polisher 2,4
Flame Polisher with steeples Gas adjustment between 0-240 L/Hour, self controlled pressure adjustment. Electronic filling check for distilled water and level fill up alarm. 5 Litre container with long life time electrodes.
Gas cleaning system with internal filter. Low noise system and extra cooling fan as an option.
With this flame polisher you can polish any Acrylic edges, various Nozzles for the hand hold are available, also for laser cutting parts which needs to be de-burred.
This system is nearly 100% service free and needed only to filled up with Distilled Water and Isopropanol. The unit will be delivered fully equipped as a one worker station.
Build to CE confirmation and in accordance with German standard DIN32 508 and BGR 500.
Technical Data:
Gas Production : 240 L/Hour Max.
Voltage: 230 Volts / 50hz
Ampere: 16 Amp.
Nozzles: up to 1.5
Possible Workstation: 1-8
Dimension: 490 x 515 x 375 mm
Weight: 48 kg


In the following video you will see this machine in daily usage:
Clip - flame polisher 2,4

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