Filament Heater Typ FH 15 and FH 21

Filament Heater Typ FH 21
The wide open frame is the most important technical characteristic of this machine. The width of the machine allows you to work on several pieces at any one time or one piece up to the width of the machine. The second characteristic is the water- cooled lines help in reducing the “banana” effect to a minimum. The machine is automatically started and opened.
The machine can be constructed with, either, two, three or four lines. Each line has a top and bottom section and each line is fully adjustable.The machine needs a power supply of 380 Volts / 16Amp. the Lines are working with 24 Volts. The tension of the heating wires is automatically adjusted The timer allows you to adjust the time, as you want.
The machine is very simple to adjusted and operate. The only extra thing required is a water container with a minimum of 200 hundred litres. This can be purchased at any D,I Y. store for a very modest outlay.

In the following video you will see the bending machine FH21 in daily usage:
Clip - filament heater fh15 and fh21

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